Plantagenet Kings of England, Part One: The Angevins

The Plantagenet Kings ruled England for over 300 years, from the 12th to 15th century's. In chronological order let's explore England's most famous line of monarchs.


New Zealand & Women’s Rights: Ahead of The Curve

New Zealand, a land of epic scenery, seemingly unconquerable sportsmen, and - if we're throwing in some stereotypes - sheep. New Zealand however takes the prize for being the first self-governing nation in history to grant all women the vote. On September 19th 1893, after several years of petitioning and campaigning by the suffrage movement,... Continue Reading →

Tanks in WW1: A New Era of Warfare

Today marks the first occasion in which tanks were deployed on the battlefield. In an effort to break the stalemate of trench warfare, it was hoped that tanks would add a new dynamic to the battlefield during the First World War, allowing battalions to advance with higher confidence and through the torrid terrain they often... Continue Reading →

Stirling Bridge: Scotland’s Hour

September 11th is, in the modern mind, often associated with the ghastly events that occurred in New York, and rightly so. However this day also marks the moment in which Scotland rose to the challenge of English might and achieved a crushing victory over their oppressive neighbours. The years preceding this event are marked with... Continue Reading →

Battle of The Eclipse

Throughout history our fascination with astronomy has defined the way in which we view our place on earth, our very existence could be explained by gazing upward to the night sky and finding answers. These answers were given to us by various gods and deities who inhabited the great dark abyss above our heads, and... Continue Reading →

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