Wake up.


One of those days, where I seem to just want to keep writing.

Scrolling through my twitter and I see a headline “2,000 civilians killed in a terrorist attack on Wednesday in Nigeria.” It didn’t even make world news. Yet , Kim Kardashian’s latest what the heck ever does? People really? Is that what we have come to as a society? We care more about Kim Kardashian than actual world issues? Why? Someone please tell me why that is? Children are starving around the world, yet we can’t seem to put down our damn phones, and actually pay attention to what really matters. No instead what matters is what latest bs is coming out next, who won the golden globes, whose wearing what, who gives a crap. There are children crying, people dying, and wars being fought in places we don’t even bother to mention, places that we probably don’t…

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