I have my thoughts on religion. A series of lies that have corrupted the minds of millions over the millennia, led us to commit unspeakable acts of horror and enslave our fellow man.

I have my thoughts on gun control – or America’s there lack of.  An issue that continually sees slaughter brought to schools, medical clinics, university campus’ and, in recent days, nightclubs.

I really do not want to type out a large piece here, because frankly, I’m tired of discussing why, perhaps, another dozen or two people have been murdered in a nation that claims to ‘lead’ the free world.

All I will say is this, like in many cases before, communities will hurt, families will mourn, other people will likely forget and ultimately, this same conversation will be had in a couple of weeks time.

Finally, in my opinion this issue comes down to two types of people; Those who still maintain that having semi-automatic firearms available to the public is justified, and those who still incessantly worship the idea of an invisible man, and will go so far as to kill for that imaginary being, because other people’s lifestyles, beliefs,or – in this instance – simply the way they were born, does not suit their warped, archaic view of the world.

Actually, often we find that in the United States, these two maniacal groups are intertwined. A rifle in one hand, a bible in the other. Land of the free…



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