Why we need Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour leadership challenge

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership victory is merely plastering over the cracks of a derelict political party.

Corbyn undoubtedly has the support of Labour members – and would appear to have even greater had the great ‘purge’ nooccurred – and with such a fierce support base on ye left of the political spectrum, one would assume he can now press inward and present a real challenge to the Conservatives in 2020.

The reality of the situation however is that we will likely see more internal division and point scoring from he Blairite contingent – Sadiq Khan made comments regarding Corbyn’s leadership earlier this week.

We have seen the same issues within the Labour Party in past. Under dominant Tory governments, Labour have often floundered, investing valuable time and energy toward internal struggles, rather than presenting a challenge in The Commons. Until Labour made a unilateral shift toward the centre under Blair, they were dead in the water. It seems many reminisce about the days of Blair, smashing the Conservatives around Westminster and dominating the airwaves of the British media. To suggest we must return to that style of politics however, is quite absurd and absolutely not what Britain needs.

Never has there been a time in which socialist ideals are needed more in Britain.na genuine voice from the left is, I believe, the logical choice when posed with the imminent reality of life outside the European Union.

Pin leaving the EU, I acknowledge fully that we now have an opportunity to create and cultivate our own systems of civil and human rights laws. Our decision to trade and interact with other nations and unions will be ours alone. Another important aspect of our new found ‘sovereignty’ has to be our exclusion from a multinational military setup, which will likely occur in the EU in the coming years. What one must ask however, is can we really trust the Conservative Party – under the leadership of Theresa May – with acting in the best interests of the British public?

I do not believe for a second that the Conservatives will protect the rights of British workers, ensure public institutions are adequately funded and maintained, or help combat the growing wealth divide in the UK. Their time in government has shown that they hold a completely contempt for the working class and are actively disregarding public services, no doubt in an attempt to undermine them in order to introduce private options.

Under a Jeremy Corbyn led government, those services will be protected, the working class will be given adequate pay and failing private industries will likely be nationalised – rail networks in particular have been singled out and only days ago plans for a national £10 minimum wage were announced. Jeremy Corbyn’s support for junior doctors is also worth noting, with their treatment under this Tory government being nothing short of disgraceful.

These are but ideas however. Whether ye ever come to fruition will be decided over he next four years. In reality Jeremy Corbyn will likely be undermined further from within his own party, a party  in which he has been an ever present fixture for years. If he succeeds, he will be deemed a ‘fantasist’, if he loses, he will likely be labelled one of the most disastrous Labour and opposition leaders of all time. This will not be his doing though, it will be through the actions of those who are utterly unaccepting of the notion that in Britain in 2016, a party that identifies as and practises socialist ideas can succeed.


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