The Legend of Saint Andrew

Today is Saint Andrew's Day, a celebration of the patron saint of Scotland. St Andrew himself is said to have been born in Galilee in the early 1st century AD, and it is claimed in the New Testament that he was the brother of Simon Peter.Saint Andrew is not only revered in Scotland, but also... Continue Reading →


God, Brexit, Hypocrisy

LBC's James O'Brien hit the nail on the head when he spoke of the hypocrisy surrounding Theresa May's comments on her faith guiding her in office. See here: A Christian politician can claim that God grants he or she wisdom and offers guidance during political discourse, yet if the word 'Allah' were to be mentioned, the... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of Coventry

  With Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday having just passed, it would seem fitting to cast an eye toward the futility of conflict, and the impact it has had upon so many innocents. Today marks the anniversary of an incident in 1940 in which the German Luftwaffe devastated the city of Coventry, with two thirds... Continue Reading →

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