God, Brexit, Hypocrisy

LBC’s James O’Brien hit the nail on the head when he spoke of the hypocrisy surrounding Theresa May’s comments on her faith guiding her in office.

See here: http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/james-obrien-point-on-religion-in-politics/

A Christian politician can claim that God grants he or she wisdom and offers guidance during political discourse, yet if the word ‘Allah’ were to be mentioned, the political right – and their mouthpieces in the media – would be in uproar.

As an atheist, I find it rather concerning that anyone in public office would seek the guidance of a deity over the guidance of their peers, and more importantly, their electoral base. Now, you may retort with “but a large portion of her electoral base may be Christian, they would agree with her comments” – and you are probably correct, however I would reply with this; A fundamental aspect of modern democracy is the separation of church & state, and although individuals are entitled to their religious beliefs – and the practice thereof –  I do not think it wise to allow religion to interfere with policy matters.

During such a crucial and calamitous time in British politics, I would feel far more at ease with our Prime Minister basing her judgements on logic, reason and the advice given to her by economic and/or diplomatic experts, not a supreme being. After all, who’s to say God didn’t vote Remain? Could her judgement be clouded by placing her trust in God? It may stifle the proceedings and cause for more turbulence.

Of course, if one is engaged with reality, then it’s safe to say that God neither exists nor has an opinion on this, and if by some small chance he does, then he is all-knowing and supreme, and I’m sure he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment to worry about Brexit or British policy matters.

If Sadiq Khan were to claim Allah guides his duties as Mayor of London, the tone would be far different.

The main grievance I have in this situation is the hypocrisy and the selective praise. If an elected official, who happened to be Muslim, commented on their faith guiding their work, we’d be met with alt-right headlines highlighting the ‘Islamification’ of British politics. Britain First would march down another street in Luton, radio talk shows would be overwhelmed with xenophobic, bigoted callers, and more than likely a Donald Trump Tweet would be conjured up from somewhere.

Let us talk about God, let us praise him, let us maintain a society and a system that allows people to worship freely. However please, lets keep God, religion and all forms of blind faith away from the halls of power, away from our policies and out of our judicial system. In these situations, lets stick to reason, logic, and not crawl back into the Dark Ages.


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