The ‘F’ Word

Are we quick to forget the ills of past administrations? Has fascism been creeping in since before Trump was elected? The answer is yes., absolutely.


Why Do You Care?

There seems to be a culture of questioning why one should care about issues far from their doorstep. Social media brings out the worst of this, "Why do you care?" "What difference will this make?" "Focus on your own issues". Are we restricted to caring about one issue at a time? If that were the... Continue Reading →

The Fake News Debacle

The 'Fake News' debacle is not one to be taken lightly. Although many social media users are capable of identifying legitimate news sources, it seems the lines are becoming increasingly blurred on what is considered news. Furthermore, the use of this phrase is allowing the public, and governments to ignore issues or deny wrongdoing. The... Continue Reading →

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