Why Do You Care?

There seems to be a culture of questioning why one should care about issues far from their doorstep. Social media brings out the worst of this, “Why do you care?” “What difference will this make?” “Focus on your own issues”. Are we restricted to caring about one issue at a time? If that were the case, would anything change?

In the weeks running up to Donald Trump’s inauguration, there have been protests around the world, and today Edinburgh, Scotland, has seen a protest involving dozens of people in the city centre. The public response to news articles covering this varies from support, to indignation, and some go so far as to question why, say, a Scottish student would protest the inauguration of the new US President? The answer is quite simple; We are all in this together.

I would say that focusing on every issue imaginable would be equally as stifling to progress as focusing on one at a time. However to ignore the realities that will be affecting other human beings, purely because they’re living in another country, is ridiculous and shows a complete lack of empathy, compassion, and interest in the lives of others. Furthermore, showing an interest in American politics and society does not equate to a lack of interest in the ills that affect those in other nations, or their own, it merely proves that our world and societies are interconnected, vibrant and strong.

Stop chastising people for caring, it is your right to protest regardless of where the issue takes place, or whom it involves.


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