Mandela Day: Celebrating a Giant of Politics.

The world is a darker place without Nelson Mandela. His life story inspired millions across the globe and provided a glimmer of hope for all those living in societies where racial equality can and should be improved.

A giant of 20th century politics, he is one of those characters that pops up from time to time and alters the face of history. The type of individual that once they are gone, only then do so many realise the magnitude of their legacy.

He challenged inequality, he challenged the archaic system of apartheid and brought a social system based on insidious racism to its knees.

He became a role model for millions of young men and women around the world, black or white, he was an icon. An example of how we should conduct ourselves in the face of adversity; With dignity, resilience and conviction.

How many millions were emancipated and emboldened by Mandela?

His legacy will withstand the test of time and during a point in our history full of uncertainty and turmoil, we can look to his example when seeking to create a better world.

If you have the opportunity, read Mandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom' – A true masterpiece and enthralling read.


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