The Dunkirk Debate

A recent USA Today review of Dunkirk highlighted a lack of female characters, as well as people of colour. Although the review largely spoke positively of the film, sadly these comments were pounced upon by political pundits and many from the right wing. Let me be clear; Dunkirk is a film in which historical accuracy … More The Dunkirk Debate

Declaration of Independence: A Timeless Masterpiece 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…” The opening words of a document that changed the world and propelled a nation to greatness. There have been good times, and many bad, yet the republic still remains.  The founding principles on which the United States became free from the shackles of British imperialism are still incredibly … More Declaration of Independence: A Timeless Masterpiece 

‘La Noche Triste’: Cortes & The Aztecs 

Today the impact of Spanish colonisation of the Americas is abundantly clear. The Spanish language dominates Central and South America and the culture of the once mighty power is still ever-present. Spanish expeditions to the America’s were not as clean cut as many would imagine however, and their conquest of these lands – and the … More ‘La Noche Triste’: Cortes & The Aztecs 

Land of Hope and Glory: Vikings and Saxon England Part 2

With each breath the pain of his illness worsened, as if the swords of the Danes themselves pierced his belly. This predicament was untenable, simply absurd. Unable to fight, unable to run; Time his only ally. Hiding in the marshlands of Somerset, Alfred must’ve looked a broken man. Years of planning in the wake of … More Land of Hope and Glory: Vikings and Saxon England Part 2

Magna Carta

Today marks the 802nd anniversary of the Magna Carta, a monumental moment in British history and a document that still retains its relevance to this day.  The excesses and abuses of the monarchy were curtailed by this document, which demanded the acknowledgement of the rights of the English nobility. “To no one will we sell, … More Magna Carta