On This Day, 1066: Harold Godwinson Crowned.

On This Day, 1066: Harold Godwinson is crowned Harold II, King of England following the death Edward The Confessor. This would prove to be a interesting year in British history, and one that would end in a dynastic change and new future for England. Upon ascending to the throne, Harold II would have many issues... Continue Reading →


The Cadaver Synod

Over the years the Catholic Church has seen its fair share of controversy, barbarism and outright mania. Today however we will be delving into the bizarre, a tale that includes a trial, a living Pope, and the corpse of another. Yes, you read that correctly. Before the turn of the millennium, the Papacy of the... Continue Reading →

A Working Class Hero

On December 8th 1980, John Lennon is shot outside his Manhattan apartment by an obsessed fan, Mark David Chapman, wielding a .38 calibre revolver - Lennon died of his wounds en route to hospital. His death shocked the world and for over a week hundreds of grieving fans kept a vigil outside his home. Lennon's... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Flight 19

On December 5th 1945 five Avenger Torpedo Bombers took to the air out of Fort Lauderdale on a routine training exercise. Flight 19 was only due to be airborne for just over three hours, yet several hours later the five aircraft were nowhere to be seen. The disappearance of the aircraft resulted in a massive... Continue Reading →

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