Pets At War

A rather morbid topic today, however one that struck me as a pet owner and shows the desperation of families and pet owners during the Second World War. At the outbreak of war, naturally, Britain was in a state of shock and hysteria; the uncertainty of another major European conflict hung over the heads of... Continue Reading →


The 442nd Infantry Regiment: America’s Japanese Heroes

When Japan launched its devastating attack on Pearl Harbour, the United States - and indeed the world - entered a state of shock. America was on its knees, shaken and disturbed by such a callous act of violence. When the dust began to settle and America geared up for war, however, attention turned toward the... Continue Reading →

On This Day, 1945: Auschwitz is Liberated.

On This Day, 1945: Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz, freeing thousands of malnourished prisoners and exposing to the world a myriad of horrors. The Soviets had been pressing deeper into Poland throughout January of 1945, and upon reaching Auschwitz, troops encountered a truly horrific scene. In the days preceding their arrival, the Gestapo began systematically destroying... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Brávellir — The Baltic Post

The Battle of Brávellir or the Battle of Bråvalla was a legendary battle that is described in the sagas as taking place on the Brávellir between Sigurd Hring, king of Sweden and the Geats of Västergötland, and his uncle Harald Wartooth, king of Denmark and the Geats of Östergötland. This battle is said to have […]... Continue Reading →

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