Rome: The Origins of The Empire Part 2

Julius Caesar once remarked 'it is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are wiling to endure pain with patience'; And yet, the early years of the Roman Republic can only be described as perpetual pain. The Romans were however, more than willing to endure such pain. And although... Continue Reading →


Athelstaneford: Origins of the Saltire

Lying some twenty miles outside of Edinburgh, the unassuming village of Athelstaneford is home to one of Scotland's most legendary historical events; One that would see Scotland gain a new Patron Saint and a national emblem. As with any tale, the origin story of Scotland's national emblem is shrouded in myth and legend. However for... Continue Reading →

Lothian and King Lot: Fact or Fiction?

Much like the rest of Scotland, the Lothian region is steeped in history and renowned for its beauty, Lothian is also home to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. Not many people can claim the focal point of their home town is a castle, perched atop an extinct volcano, of which the lava flow leads down to a... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Saint Andrew

Today is Saint Andrew's Day, a celebration of the patron saint of Scotland. St Andrew himself is said to have been born in Galilee in the early 1st century AD, and it is claimed in the New Testament that he was the brother of Simon Peter.Saint Andrew is not only revered in Scotland, but also... Continue Reading →

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