Britain In Denial: A Lesson From Berlin

Visiting Berlin this last week made me think about how we acknowledge our past indiscretions. History is a tricky subject; many are aware of what brought their nation or people to this point, but many simply choose to ignore it. Sadly, many who do acknowledge and seek to raise awareness are castigated and labelled 'apologists'... Continue Reading →


New Zealand & Women’s Rights: Ahead of The Curve

New Zealand, a land of epic scenery, seemingly unconquerable sportsmen, and - if we're throwing in some stereotypes - sheep. New Zealand however takes the prize for being the first self-governing nation in history to grant all women the vote. On September 19th 1893, after several years of petitioning and campaigning by the suffrage movement,... Continue Reading →

Watergate 2.0: A Different World

Wiretapping the offices of your political opponents is, naturally, a no-no in any democracy. The Watergate scandal shook the foundations of American politics and everyday Americans woke up to the reality that their governments and representatives were nothing more than opportunistic cutthroats. Nixon's actions completely undermined the sanctity of American democracy; One viewed as a... Continue Reading →

JFK: The Dawn of the Modern Politician

John F Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, is one of the most recognisable figures in 20th century history. The modern maverick president who would change the world for the better. Young, attractive and the quintessential American - He was the American Dream. Sadly for JFK however, he is remembered most for the... Continue Reading →

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