Charlottesville: An Observation

Charlottesville provided a valuable insight into the current political turmoil in America better than anything before it. We can see in plain sight that the President is not only a lackluster joke of a leader, but he appears to be completely unaware of what he has awoken in the US. This is not to say... Continue Reading →


Watergate 2.0: A Different World

Wiretapping the offices of your political opponents is, naturally, a no-no in any democracy. The Watergate scandal shook the foundations of American politics and everyday Americans woke up to the reality that their governments and representatives were nothing more than opportunistic cutthroats. Nixon's actions completely undermined the sanctity of American democracy; One viewed as a... Continue Reading →

Scotland’s Shame: The Aftermath of Culloden

On Monday afternoon I visited the National Museum of Scotland here in Edinburgh to view the Jacobite exhibit - Which I would highly recommend. There were numerous fascinating trinkets, weapons, garments and art pieces, as well as a letter written by a young Bonnie Prince Charlie which I found particularly captivating. The exhibition overall was... Continue Reading →

Rome: The Origins of The Empire Part 2

Julius Caesar once remarked 'it is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are wiling to endure pain with patience'; And yet, the early years of the Roman Republic can only be described as perpetual pain. The Romans were however, more than willing to endure such pain. And although... Continue Reading →

Athelstaneford: Origins of the Saltire

Lying some twenty miles outside of Edinburgh, the unassuming village of Athelstaneford is home to one of Scotland's most legendary historical events; One that would see Scotland gain a new Patron Saint and a national emblem. As with any tale, the origin story of Scotland's national emblem is shrouded in myth and legend. However for... Continue Reading →

Socrates & The Problem With Democracy

Athens, the birthplace of democracy. From the confines of southern Greece this system of governance has spread to every corner of the globe and shapes the world as we know it today.Democracy gives man the right to choose his own future. It allows unparalleled freedoms for the common man and has given mankind a chance... Continue Reading →

The Dunkirk Debate

A recent USA Today review of Dunkirk highlighted a lack of female characters, as well as people of colour. Although the review largely spoke positively of the film, sadly these comments were pounced upon by political pundits and many from the right wing.Let me be clear; Dunkirk is a film in which historical accuracy is... Continue Reading →

Rome: The Origins of The Empire

Nestled along the fertile banks of the Tiber river, in its early years Rome can be considered as nothing more than inconspicuous. Tidily hidden away from the prying eyes of the world. Sharing the Italian peninsula with a host of many other small tribes and peoples, with the Etruscans to their north, it would be... Continue Reading →

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